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Bikeathon 2012

Here we Roll Again.

Planning for the 3rd Annual Wheels for Meals Bikeathon fundraiser is well under way. This years cycling event is scheduled for Saturday June 2 in Officers Square.  And just in case it rains like last year, we have planned a raindate for the following day; Sunday June 3.

Since 2010, we have been developing the Bikeathon to be our primary fundraising activity of the year.  The Bikeathon was conceived as an all-ages community event that invites families, children, seniors, business colleagues and serious cyclists to get their bicycles out and ride with us to raise funds for Fredericton Meals on Wheels.

Pledge sheets are provided for participating cyclists to seek monetary support from family and friends.  The funds raised help enable us to subsidize rising meal costs to ensure that the cost of a healthy meal remains affordable for our many clients living on low, fixed incomes.

Thanks to the generous support of local businesses, there will be a silent auction, door prizes, and a special prize for the person who raises the highest amount in pledges. And once again, younger participants (and those who are feeling particularly creative) are invited to decorate their cycles for the Decorated Bike Parade.


Something new this year, thanks to the great folks at Isaac’s Way, is an apres-bike event to follow the bikeathon. So once cyclists have finished their rides, had their massages and checked out the Silent Auction, they can mosey (or limp) over to Isaac’s to rehash the day and enjoy some bikeathon specials. A perfect ending to what we hope will be a perfect day !




Cycling Routes

The Bikeathon features trail and road routes for all levels of cycling ability.

•Trail routes; 5, 15, 25 and 50 km

•Road routes; 50 and 100 km

The Trail Routes

For each of these routes, guides will be provided for those who wish to travel together in a group.  Each group will have a lead, and a sweep, to ensure that nobody gets left behind. We’ll also have marshals to provide help in crossing busy intersections, especially for the first three routes.  In addition, help will be on call if anyone experiences mechanical problems.

For those who wish to participate but are happier on their own, or with their own group, signage will be posted and you are welcome to travel at your own pace, but we ask that you register with us before leaving, tell us of your plan, and check in on your return.

1) A Ride in the Park– This route is the most appropriate for young families, although others are welcome to come along. Travelling at a very gentle pace and starting at Officers’ Square, we’ll cross Regent Street to the sidewalk, down the sidewalk to the Lighthouse, and west on the Riverfront Trail to Government House.  From there we’ll cross over to Wilmot  Park and circle the park, then return the way we came. We’ll stop at Wilmot Park (or possibly at Government House) for a stretch and a water break.

Approx.  distance – 5 km.

Approx. time – 45 minutes to an hour

Departure – 1:30 PM


2)   A Trail of two Rivers –This is a gentle route for older families and casual cyclists.  Again traveling at a leisurely pace with occasional stretch and water breaks along the way, we’ll start at Officer’s Square, and travel east along the St.John River to the Bill Thorpe  Walking Bridge.  From there, we’ll cross the bridge to the Nashwaak Trail and follow that as far as the Marysville Bridge.  Those who wish can continue on the Nashwaak Trail as far as Penniac, a beautiful addition for those with the energy.  Otherwise,  we’ll  cross the Marysville Bridge to the Marysville Heritage Centre, stop there for a break, and return by way of the Gibson Trail.

Approx. distance 14 km (+ 4km for the Penniac extension.)

Approx.  time – 1 ½ hours

Departure – 1:00 PM


3)   Up the River Without a Paddle – This is an intermediate route for more seasoned cyclists. From Officers’ Square, we’ll take the Riverfront Trail west to its end just short of the Delta, cross over to  the Valley Trail, and follow it past the Hartt Island Campground to the end of the trail in Island View.  As with the other trail routes, we will break occasionally for water and a stretch, with a longer break at Hartt Island.

Approx.  Distance – 25 km.

Approx. time – 2 ¼ hours

Departure  – 12 Noon


4)      The Hybrid Challenge – As the name is meant to suggest, this is a route which combines trail and road travel.  It’s designed for those experienced cyclists who want a challenge, but enjoy travelling at a somewhat leisurely pace.  From Officers’ Square, we’ll take the South Riverfront Trail to the Bill
Thorpe Bridge, then follow the Lincoln Trail to Oromocto, and continue through Oromocto to Burton.  At Burton, we’ll travel briefly on Route 102 to the Burton Bridge, cross the Bridge, and ride west back to Fredericton along Route 105, keeping to the wide shoulder along the highway.  The road follows the river and is a beautiful route, very flat with moderate traffic. In Barker’s Point, we’ll pick up the trail again and follow it to Officers’ Square.  Once again we’ll make time for breaks along the way, including a longer nutrition break provided at Centennial  Park in Oromocto , and perhaps an ice cream stop at the Big Potato or The Pumpkin Patch .

Approx. Distance – 50 km

Approx. Time –4 ½ hours

Departure – 9:30 AM



The Road Routes: road route details will be forthcoming.

In the meantime, FYI:

– the 50 km route heads upriver from Officers Square to Mactaquac, crosses over the dam and returns to Officers Square on the other side of the river.

– the 100 km route goes down river from Officers Square, crosses over the river near Sheffield and returns to Fredericton.

Stay tuned for updated information details in the coming days




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